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How To Create A Linkfro Page

Getting Started

Using Linkfro is super easy, but here are the steps to get started! Our guided set-up process is designed to be as simple as possible. Follow its directions and by the end you'll have an awesome looking profile!

1: Create A Linkfro Account

Head over to and create an account. As you might have guessed, the big yellow button that says 'Get Started' is the one to click. An easy step for sure, but the most important in the beginning of your Linkfro journey. Type in your name, fill in your email address, and choose a strong password. Then click ‘Register’.

2: Choose a unique link

Pretty simple so far, right? The next step is to choose a unique link for your page. You can set this to be the same as your Instagram or TikTok name, or something completely new! Don’t worry too much about nailing the perfect link, you’ll always be able to come back and change it later if inspiration strikes.

3: Create your profile

This is where your Linkfro begins to take shape. Enter your profile name and put a face to it by uploading a dashing picture of yourself. Next, let your audience know what you’re all about by typing in a quick bio. You can always skip this step and return later if you’re unsure of what to type.

4: Add your socials

If you’re active on more than one social media platform, you can let your followers know about it through your Linkfro profile. As a starting point, enter your usernames for Instagram, TikTok or Twitter to display them at the top of your profile.

5: Select a theme

Customise your Linkfro page by choosing from one of our theme options. Pick an image from a local artist or select from one of our gradient colors, the choice is yours. Themes will affect things like your profile background and the colour of your links’ buttons.

6: Start adding links

It’s time to start adding links. To do so, click the ‘Add Link’ button at the top of the Links tab and enter the name, destination URL, and a description of what users can expect when they tap your link. Don’t forget to add the full link, including the https:// at the start. Grab your links and move them up and down to reorder them within their folder.

7: Edit your links

You’ll find plenty of ways to make each of your links unique by clicking the pencil icon to the right of your link names. You can change your button text to reflect different types of link and edit your link name, URL and description. You can even schedule links to start and end on specific dates.

To really customise your links and create a visual experience for your audience, set a thumbnail by uploading an image from your computer.

8: Configure advanced settings

You don’t have to be a tech mastermind to start using Linkfro’s advanced features. Head over to the Settings tab to enable analytics by entering your Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel IDs. You’ll also find a number of handy SEO options like the ability to set custom titles, meta descriptions, and OpenGraph images for your links. Search engine indexing is on by default, but you can toggle the switch to turn it off completely if you like.

9: Add even more socials!

The more the merrier, we say. Remember when you added up to three socials during sign-up? Well, you can add a whole lot more by clicking on the ‘Socials’ button in the Settings tab. The full list includes:

- Facebook

- Facebook Messenger

- Instagram

- Twitter

- TikTok

- YouTube

- LinkedIn

- Apple music

- Apple podcast

- Amazon

- Clubhouse

- Discord

- Etsy

- Github

- Signal

- Reddit

- Soundcloud

- Spotify

- Tumblr

- Telegram

- Twitch

You can also set your email, phone number, and WhatsApp number from here.

10: Understand your statistics

Whoever said you can’t measure love clearly hasn’t seen Linkfro’s Statistics tab. This is where you’ll be able to track how many visits to your page there have been in the last day, month, or in the total time since you began. Want to track the success of your temporary links? Click the calendar in the right corner of the screen to set a custom period to view your stats for.

The statistics tab can give you an even greater understanding of your audience. See the buttons below the clicks chart? Click on these to discover new info about your adoring fans, such as which countries they’re clicking from, which languages they speak, and the type of device and browser they’re using. You can see exactly which sites your traffic is coming from by clicking on the ‘Referers’ button.

11: Add to your bio and watch the clicks come in

That’s all there is to it. You’ve created your unique Linkfro profile, customised it with a theme, images and button text. Now that your profile is looking good and your links are ready, there’s one final step. Add your Linkfro URL into your bio on Instagram, Tiktok, and other socials. Sit back and count the clicks on your Statistics tab.